This site purpose is to help memorize words and phrases in foreign languages. Learning is done with games tailored for building foreign language vocabulary. You will learn your words by playing our games. How it works .

The objective of this site: To build and to improve foreign language vocabulary
This site focuses on memorizing words or phrases in foreign language. Learning is done through games. User creates 12 pairs of words or phrases in two languages and memorize those words by playing games.
Flesh player 9 or higher. Up to date browser (tested in Firefox 12, IE 8, Chrome 22, Netscape 9, Opera 11.1, SeaMonkey 2.13).
Occasionally click browser's reload button and clear browser's cache memory to force load of latest versions of games.
How it works
Outside of games, create 12 pairs of words or phrases in two languages. Send words to games and choose one game. The game will use your words to play. To play different words, with the exception of the Neospeller game, exit a game, create and send different words to games, choose a game and play it. In the Neospeller you can send new words to the game during playing.
How to choose and import words to the game
On the right side are two columns: "translate from" and "translate to". Select both languages. Select language from which to translate and type words you want to learn into the fields below it. Click the "translate" button below the columns. Translation will be displayed in the right column. Check and correct translation as needed. Click the "send words to the game" button to load the words into games. Select a game and play it. You don't have to use the "translate" button. You can type in translation yourself and send it to games.
Check the translation
Make sure there are not two different words translated into the same one word. For example, the two English words: morning and tomorrow are translated to Spanish as one word: mañana. Delete one of those two words, morning or tomorrow, so there is only one to one relation between words.
If translation is not known, the original word is repeated instead of being translated.
The translation is automatic and has its limits. Check your dictionary or thesaurus for accuracy.
If a language is not listed
If a language is not listed, then select "other" from the drop down menu and type words and their translations into the columns yourself. When words are ready, click the "send words to the game" button.
Words listed on the left side
These are groups of basic words to use. Select languages first, then click for example "Digits0-11". Digits 0-11 will be displayed on the right side. Correct the words as needed, then click the "send words to the game" button. Select a game and play it.
The games and length of text
Games accept any length of text and it is up to you to use useful length.
The Ufo Invasion game is suitable for short words. The NeoSpeller is good and more fun with longer phrases. The MemJog game is good for words and short phrases.
Create an account
An account is convenient to create and save pairs of words for future paractice. The limit on length of text in an individual text field is 40 characters. If attempting to save longer text, it is trimmed to 40 characters from the right.
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